Many Ethnicities: Purposefully Different

When you're a new company, you don't have to conform with the crowd

Dr. Ena Hennegan always loved science. For as long as she can remember, she's been obsessed with understanding how the world around us works. 

She was perfectly capable of taking something from Brand A and mixing it with Brand B, and then adding in a bit more of a natural oil to create a product that would cleans, condition or help her style her hair.

But why the mass-market brands made her work so hard to simply care for her hair, perplexed her. 

She always wondered why someone hadn't created hair care products that addressed her hair. As a mom with three daughters whose hair ranged from 2A to 4C

At the same time, as a scientist, she was concerned with the products in the so-called ethnic aisle at the department store. Some of the ingredients in these formulations were unnecessarily harsh. And some formulations just didn't perform very well. 

"It just didn't make sense to me that I had to work as hard as I did to have clean, conditioned and manageable hair, and that was all that I really wanted," she said. "I love to style my hair differently depending on the occasion or the event, sure. But as a working mom, most days I just wanted to look my best and wanted my kids to look their best, too. There was just nothing on the market that made that simple. I decided that if nobody else was going to do it, I would." 

It was from this frustration that Dr. Ena decided to create her own formulations with the help of world-class formulation chemists. They brought the technical know-how with regard to the ingredients. She orchestrated the iteration and development of what became the Many Ethnicities range of products. 

Launched in June 2017, Many Ethnicities is the first product line brought to market by Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC.