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About us

Many Ethnicities® was created in 2014 by Dr. Ena Hennegan, a mother, a board-certified, practicing family physician in suburban Chicago. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Three Daughters of the Doctor® – a personal care brand created for multi-ethnic people – was frustrated with the lack of choices for people who had mixed hair. Dr. Ena had dealt with that challenge herself for many years, on many fronts. She is a multi-ethnic woman who has waged four battles with hair: First her own and then one with each of her three daughters – each of whom has a different hair type and/or texture. One winter night in 2013, during the vaunted, “Polar Vortex,” she looked along the outer edge of the family’s tub after bath time and counted more than 70 bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other hair products from the brands she had tried. Each bottle had been purchased in the hope of improving upon the performance of the last. Each bottle offered some promise. Not a single one of them was just right. It was at that moment she decided there had to be a different way to address this situation, because she knew she wasn’t alone. Ultimately, that led to the creation of Many Ethnicities®. Many Ethnicities products are designed to be safe, healthy, easy to use, and yet deliver optimal performance. Always manufactured to the highest standards in small batches. It is through Many Ethnicities products that Dr. Ena combines her love for helping and caring for people with her passion for finding solutions to the unique personal care challenges faced by multi-ethnic people each day.