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Many Ethnicities Invigorating Shampoo

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If you were starting a new brand for multi-textured and curly hair, and cared about results, you'd have created this shampoo.

And, yes, it was formulated specifically for multi-ethnic people and the unique challenges they face in caring for kinky, curly, wavy, wooly, wonderful hair! 

Many Ethnicities Invigorating Shampoo delivers uncommon performance for multi-ethnic people because it was designed specifically for multi-ethnic people.

Rich and luxurious foam that rinses away cleanly, Many Ethnicities Invigorating Shampoo will leave you feeling as if this was created just for me. And, you know what – it was!

Utilizing a unique combination of Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, proprietary and sulfate-free Lactylate-blended surfactants, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil and Algae Extract, Many Ethnicities Invigorating Shampoo delivers all of the performance without any of the harshness of other brands.

Sulfate-free means color protection. It also means that your hair is protected from the harshness of so-called premium shampoos by mass manufacturers.

Your hair will feel like never before: Clean, manageable and healthy with a signature fragrance that is like nothing else. Beautifully blended natural beauty begins right here, right now! 


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