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Many Ethnicities Kids Light Conditioner

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Designed to preserve moisture in children's hair after shampooing, and it's like nothing else. Perfect for our little ones with thin hair as a shampoo alternative.

And, yes, it was formulated specifically for multi-ethnic children and the unique challenges we face in caring for their kinky, curly, wavy, wooly, wonderful hair! 

Many Ethnicities Kids Light Conditioner is designed for all of the kids in your tub, no matter what kind of wild, wooly and wonderful hair type they have. Children’s hair can be challenging to moisturize, because the thickness of hair oftentimes develops as the child ages. 

Ever wonder why some mass-market brands delivered lower-quality products for children's hair? So did we! We love our children and want the best, healthiest solutions for them. 

Dr. Ena wanted to focus on helping moms and dads with a children’s bath-time product that would continue to do its job as a child grew up. Key to that was developing a rinse-out conditioner that would work harmoniously with the Many Ethnicities Kids Gentle Shampoo.

Regardless of someone’s age, multi-ethnic hair typically tends to be drier, more brittle and can frizz. So the approach that Many Ethnicities has taken with its Kids Light Conditioner, the first ultra-premium conditioner formulation for multi-ethnic kids, is to bring manageability through moisture without leaving hair feeling heavy or greasy. The result is like nothing you have seen before. No more crying during comb-outs. 



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