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Many Ethnicities Kids Gentle Shampoo

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Formulated for our little ones with ingredients that are safe, gentle and effective.

And, yes, it was formulated specifically for multi-ethnic children and the unique challenges we face in caring for their kinky, curly, wavy, wooly, wonderful hair! 

When Dr. Ena began her quest to create Many Ethnicities, she started with a passion for creating a product that would deliver optimal results for all three of her daughters.

That was a tall order, as each of them had very different hair types but the frustrations commonly faced by multi-ethnic people. To address all of the challenges faced by children with thick, or wavy or kinky-curly hair, she worked with some of the finest personal care research and development chemists in the industry to create Many Ethnicities Kids Gentle Shampoo.

Fun in the tub, yet ultra gentle and sulfate-free, our Kids Gentle Shampoo is an ultra-premium formulation that leaves hair feeling clean and healthy. The patented Acyl Lactylates specifically blended into our children’s formulation are plant-based, powerful, and also incredibly gentle.

KIds Gentle Shampoo leaves hair with a manageability that just isn’t found anywhere else, and gives moms and dads a chance to spend quality time with their children without the all-too-common battles at bath time. 


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