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Many Ethnicities Kids Leave-In Conditioner

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Our leave-in will get your children’s morning hair preparation routine moving more quickly.

Great to aid styling in between washes, too. And, yes, it was formulated specifically for multi-ethnic children and the unique challenges we face in caring for their kinky, curly, wavy, wooly, wonderful hair! 

Many Ethnicities Kids Leave-In Conditioner was designed for real life, and for parents who want to spend time caring for their children and not fighting with their hair. Use this delicate formulation as a gentle and effective leave-in moisturizer post – shampoo. Use between washes to help restore moisture and promote manageability. Light to the touch, buttery but never oily, Dr. Ena created Kids Leave-In Conditioner for her children, but also for herself – as a great way to reduce morning hair preparation time. Get your morning back and your kids on track with the world's first ultra-premium formulated kids leave-in. 


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