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Many Ethnicities Complete Solution Pack

$59.99 $75.00

The Many Ethnicities Complete Solution Pack contains a 10.1-ounce bottle of the Many Ethnicities Invigorating Shampoo, a 10.1-ounce bottle of the Many Ethnicities Moisturizing Conditioner and an 8.4-ounce jar of the Many Ethnicities Leave-In Conditioning Cream. 

Simplify your life by replacing the dozens of bottles cluttering your bathroom with the three products that designed specifically to deal with the unique hair care challenges you face. 

Dr. Ena created a curly hair care series that does something rarely witnessed in this world of ours: It works as directed.

Someone was as fed up with the lousy hair care options as you were, and her name was Dr. Ena Hennegan. Her quest for better started right here. 
Receive all three of the Many Ethnicities products designed for grown-ups with a single order.

And, yes, each was formulated specifically for multi-ethnic people and the unique challenges they face in caring for kinky, curly, wavy, wooly, wonderful hair! 
This purchase option allows you to get all three of the world's first premium hair care solutions from Many Ethnicities at an unbeatable price. 


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