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Today Show recognizes Dr. Ena Hennegan, founder of Many Ethnicities, with 2018 Style Heroes honor

Today Show recognizes Dr. Ena Hennegan, founder of Many Ethnicities, with 2018 Style Heroes honor

It has been an incredible first year for the Many Ethnicities line from Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC. 

We have met so many incredible people – people who truly care about the mission of our company, and the value that our products bring to multicultural people. 

So it's icing on the cake when the media recognizes you for the unique contributions you are making to the beauty industry. 

We are so grateful for the coverage we have received from The Today Show and the recognition of the contributions of our founder and CEO, Dr. Ena Hennegan. It was completely unexpected, and has warmed our hearts at Three Daughters of the Doctor. 

When Dr. Ena started this company in 2014, she simply wanted those who had been shut out of the conversation in hair care to have a voice. She wanted products that were made specifically to address their needs that were inherently natural and thoughtfully created. 

She started with her daughters, and was inspired to take it out to the marketplace. 

Did Dr. Ena ever think that she'd be heralded as a pioneer in the beauty industry? Absolutely not. That's not why she started Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC. She simply wanted better for her three daughters, each of whom had different hair textures and curl patterns.

The beauty world is a challenging and competitive place. We have no aspirations to be the biggest personal care company in the world, but we believe that we can be the best by creating honest, straightforward, healthy and thoughtful solutions to the unique challenges that people with multi-textured hair face. 

When we began this quest, we believed one thing: If we made one person happy, we'd have accomplished our goal. 

What we've learned is that there are a lot of people out there who feel that the beauty industry could do better for them. 

To that end, we commit to do our very best to make everyone feel as if their hair matters. 

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