TODAY SHOW crew visited Dr. Ena 

TODAY SHOW crew visited Dr. Ena 

Three Daughters of the Doctor Founder and CEO Dr. Ena Hennegan, the creator of the Many Ethnicities line of curl care products, was honored today (August 15, 2019) by NBC's TODAY SHOW visit to her home. 



NBC's Today Show named Dr. Ena, a family practice physician from suburban Chicago, as one of its Style Heroes in 2018. Dr. Ena was honored in an elite group of 40 global actors, artists, activists and athletes for her contributions to the beauty industry. After the crew from TODAY revisited her, Dr. Ena offered the following thoughts:

“It was wonderful to reconnect with the amazing creators of NBC’s TODAY Show, which consistently empowers millions of people across the country to embrace who they are and celebrates diversity. As a working physician and devoted mom who founded a company to provide solutions for ethnically diverse people whose multi-textured hair needs cannot be fully met with the old technology of mainstream products, this was an incredible opportunity. We were able to share our story and how the work we do with our Many Ethnicities line makes an actual difference in the world. I am grateful for the chance to share the message that multi-textured hair is beautiful, to advocate for people to love their natural curls, and to demonstrate how to take proper care of our hair on such a powerful platform. Thank you to everyone at NBC and to the entire team at the TODAY Show. “ 


Dr. Ena Many Ethnicities

* Dr. Ena Hennegan is the founder and CEO of Many Ethnicities, LLC, the industry’s newest personal care brand. Many Ethnicities was created specifically to address the unique challenges of multi-ethnic hair. Dr. Ena’s brand launches and will be available to the public in the spring of 2017.  

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