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C.H.E. = continuing hair education 

In medicine, the only constant is constant change. We’re discovering new diseases (case in point: COVID-19) and treatments. As a physician, I constantly have to educate myself, stay up with the science and data, and learn new things. Ongoing education is even required for me to maintain my license and to continue to be able to treat patients. We call it CME.  It stands for continuing medical education. So with your hair, the same thing. 

When I founded my company and released our first line, Many Ethnicities, a huge driver for me was education. I didn’t want to simply create a product, but also the knowhow and information to ensure that our products would work optimally for our customers. Although, we never were formal about that, it’s time to formalize the ongoing education that will allow you to have the healthiest and best curls of your life.  

So let me be the first to welcome you to your ongoing hair education.

Dr. Ena