SUMMER HAIR STYLING: 1-2-3-for-ME process (cleanse + condition + style), and Natural-Ingredient Products

SUMMER HAIR STYLING: 1-2-3-for-ME process (cleanse + condition + style), and Natural-Ingredient Products


One of the more-often questions I am asked in summer, or any time the humidity spikes, is how to get an all-day style when Mother Nature doing her darnedest to frizz you out. 

Keep it simple. Stick with the proven 1-2-3-for-ME process (cleanse + condition + style) that keeps beautiful hair simple, and choose natural-ingredient products.

Can you get your hair to hold a curl tight enough to cut a diamond on a summer afternoon when the humidity is over 70 percent, sure. To do so, you’re probably going to have to apply something on your hair that isn’t ultimately good for it. Harsh synthetic hold gels that are almost zero percent natural probably could prevent your hair from moving in a hurricane. 

You are far better off simply using the final finishing product(s) that you normally would use in the same amount(s) with which you have regular success and carrying along just a bit more for later in the day. 

The key for people with hair such as ours is moisture, moisture, moisture,  and its adherence to the hair shaft. The rich natural oils and incredibly unique humectant blends that no one else uses, like our pure marine seaweed extracts, combined with our bioactive glycerin and panthenol work incredibly harmoniously to keep our hair moisturized even in the worst of summer humidity, sealing the good moisture in where it belongs. But our hair needs constant attention on some days. 


It may seem counterintuitive to add water when it feels as if the air is heavy, but a quick spritz from a tiny water bottle with moisturizer mixed in that can be concealed in your purse and a quick streak or two from a quality styling product keeps you going – and in a much healthier away than leaning on a product that effectively glues your hair in place. 

Part of my passion for creating Many Ethnicities was to introduce products that work as effectively with natural ingredients as the harsh stuff the megabrands tells us is OK for our hair (but really isn’t). Humid, frizzy days can make you go back to the not-so-good-for-you products. Stay with products that don’t eventually set your hair goals back. 

To keep it very real here, I always have a little spritz bottle and the 2-ounce Many Ethnicities Leave-In Conditioning Cream from our Beautifully Blended Box Set travel kit in my car and in my bag. It’s a simple way to naturally beat the frizz on the frizziest of summer days. 



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Stay styled, friends, 

Dr. Ena



* Dr. Ena Hennegan is the founder and CEO of Many Ethnicities, LLC, the industry’s newest personal care brand. Many Ethnicities was created specifically to address the unique challenges of multi-ethnic hair. Dr. Ena’s brand launches and will be available to the public in the spring of 2017. 

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