Never Give Up!

We’re all faced with challenges.
For me, one of my biggest was dealing with my seriously unruly hair. So let me make this clear: People have greater struggles. Perspective here, my friend. But I was unhappy with the choices that I had when it came to caring for my hair.
I am a family physician. I can read a label. I was disappointed that I was not only using hair care products that contained harsh chemicals, but they contained harsh chemicals AND they didn’t work.
Three years ago, on a cold winter night during what they called the polar vortex, I kind of lost it. Over the course of a couple of years probably, I had bought or had been gifted something like 70 bottles of shampoos and conditioners. And there they all were. Never got to the bottom of a single one of them. Tried them. They didn’t work – for me, or my three daughters.
And it was right there at that moment that it dawned on me: The mass market doesn’t make hair care products for people like me, or my girls. We have unique hair. We needed something different, and were probably too small of a group for anyone to really much care about.
So I stopped trying to coax results from their products, and I created my own with a really great group of world-class chemists who took my ideas about what works and what doesn’t to hear.
Together, we created six new products for adults and children. I called the brand Many Ethnicities – M.E. for short. And while I made this for me and my daughters, when we shared with our friends – those with curly, kinky or wavy hair like ours, as well as people whose hair just wasn’t manageable – it worked for them, too. The science is smart and the ingredients are great. You can learn more about our approach to creating the solutions at
Here it is about three years later. We’ve tested and tested and tested some more. But the end of that work is nearly here. A beginning is coming soon. We’ll launch Many Ethnicities shampoos and conditioners very soon.
We’ll make them in small batches here in the United States, with really great ingredients that you’ve heard of and some others that you haven’t. But we’ll tell you all about them. And our formulations are safe, gentle (very gentle, actually) and effective like nothing you’ve ever tried. I can’t wait to share them with you.
Stay in touch, and I’ll let you know when we’re ready to share. If you have a dream, dream it out loud. Don’t be afraid to try to create something. The world needs people who want to make a mark, and do something for others. Never give up. Ever.
Truly yours… in love, science and understanding!
– Dr. Ena 
* Dr. Ena Hennegan is the founder and CEO of Many Ethnicities, LLC, the industry’s newest personal care brand. Many Ethnicities was created specifically to address the unique challenges of multi-ethnic hair. Dr. Ena’s brand launches and will be available to the public in the spring of 2017.

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