Many Ethnicities: Get to know us

If you have caught yourself reading labels in the health & beauty aisle of your favorite grocery store or retailer, you may wondered about the rest of the story.

Let me tell you, as someone who has spent the past three years preparing for the debut launch of Many Ethnicities shampoos and conditioners, I would much rather read the bottle than have to write it. There is a lot that goes into that process that would leave your head spinning.

Suffice to say, packaging labels on bottles don’t leave room for everything. We are very excited to debut our new packaging, which will differ from what you are seeing today on the Many Ethnicities site.

But even after you see the new bottles and jars that are coming your way very soon (seriously, only a few more weeks), there is plenty about us that we simply could not share on the side of a bottle.

So, here ere a few things you should know about us:

Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC, was created in 2014. We manufacture the Many Ethnicities line of products in small batches right here in the United States.

I am a practicing, board-certified family physician. I am CEO of Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC.

I am a real person, and our company has a real mission. Check it out right here:

Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC is an independent company. We are female and minority owned and operated. We are not part of a larger company, and do not conform to the conventions of the mass market. Our company is based in Cary, Illinois, in Chicago’s northwest suburbs.

We founded this company with a simple premise: We simply believe that multi-ethnic people and their unique personal care needs have largely been ignored by the mass-market brands.

We are committed to always using the best ingredients in our formulations, each of which is designed to help address the unique challenges that multi-ethnic people face.

Three Daughters of the Doctor is adamantly opposed to animal testing. None of our products will be tested on animals. (All of our products are tested on ourselves before we share them with our family and friends.)

We are a socially conscious company. We proudly partner with one of the Midwest’s largest non-profit distribution companies, whose workforce is partially composed of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe that charity begins at home, and make charitable contributions to local and national causes.

At Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC, we make every possible consideration to create the lowest impact to the environment with our products and packaging. We encourage our customers to recycle our packaging after use.

I probably could go on and on and on. But that will do for now.

We will be manufacturing very soon, and can’t wait to share what we have created with you.

Thank you for your gracious support, and for all of the positive feedback.

– Dr. Ena

• Dr. Ena Hennegan is the founder and CEO of Many Ethnicities, LLC, the industry’s newest personal care brand. Many Ethnicities was created specifically to address the unique challenges of multi-ethnic hair. Dr. Ena’s brand launches and will be available to the public in the spring of 2017.

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