Many Ethnicities and Dr. Ena back the non-profit fulfillment partner PAC on KICKSTARTER launch



DES PLAINES, IL – Dr. Ena Hennegan, Founder and CEO of Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC, announced late Sunday night that the launch of Many Ethnicities on Kickstarter would offer a new reward to benefit its non-profit distribution partner.

The Kickstarter project team named the initiative, "Back the Doc + Back PAC."

Now, and through the end of Many Ethnicities launch on Kickstarter, every dollar that comes into the project under the "Back the Doc + Back PAC" reward will go directly to non-profit partner planet Access Company (PAC). Backers can contribute as little as $1 to make a difference. 

Contribute now by clicking right here.

Planet Access Company employs intellectually disabled people from throughout the greater Chicago area, offering these wonderful people meaningful opportunities in a thoughtful and caring workplace. PAC fulfills orders for the Many Ethnicities line of products from its warehouse and distribution facility in Des Plaines, IL.

"It's an easy way to make a difference in the lives of tremendous people and a terrific company," Dr. Ena said. "We're a great team: Many Ethnicities and PAC, and we could not be more proud of our partnership." 

Many Ethnicities products are created by Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC, a Cary, IL-based company that makes the world's first line of premium shampoos and conditioners designed to resolve the unique challenges multi-ethnic adults and kids face in caring for their hair. The company was founded in 2014, manufactures in small batches, and will publicly launch in late May. 

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