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When Dr. Ena created Many Ethnicities, she was adamant about our the company's marketing and promotion adhering to the highest ethical standards. No ridiculous claims, no hyperbole, and no gimmicks.

"We will make great products, and we share them with the world," she said shortly after the company launched in 2014. We live up to that each day. The reviews that we share are #honestreviews. We pay no one to represent the brand.

We distribute our products to a wide array of bloggers and style reviewers with no strings attached. If they love it, they should say so. If they don't, that's OK, too. Thus far, the reviews for Many Ethnicities have been incredible, because the products are what they are (highly efficacious formulations made to exacting standards in small batches and contain the best ingredients possible).

With that said, here is another fantastic review from Jennifer, mother of adorable twins and the author of, who shared her experiences with the Many Ethnicities line for children: 

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