How to determine hair density

How to determine hair density
Let me remind you where we left off last time, learning how to determine our hair texture type, and porosity. We’re continuing on here with density and elasticity.

Remember, once you understand your hair, you can set up the best individual hair care routine for yourself and have the healthiest, best looking curls of your life.

And keep them that way. And love them. So here we go with part 2:

This is distinct from volume, which is a combination of the width of the individual strands, along with density. So you can have very dense hair with thin strands. And vice versa. Dense hair can be any texture, and – true fact – it is not unique to people who have curly hair.

For curlies with dense hair, sectioning hair is not just for styling, but also washing. Conditioning on wash day can help keep tangles away and ensure more even distribution of product when it’s applied. This is important, and long has been part of our mantra with the Many Ethnicities product line.

Use less product and take a gentler touch if you have low density hair. This will avoid weighing it down and will allow you to get the lift and beautiful volume that you may be seeking.


The quick and easy density test is to put all of your hair in a ponytail when it is completely dry.

  • Measure the diameter. If it is larger than 4 inches, slightly larger than the outline of a U.S. quarter it is high density.
  • If it is 2-4 inches in diameter, your hair has medium density.
  • If it is 2 inches or less in diameter than a nickel, your hair has low density.


As we celebrate Black History Month, let us remember what an important role hair has played in our culture. The CROWN ACT (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) was created by the Crown Coalition and Dove to end race-based discrimination against natural hair and protective styles in schools and workplaces, which continues even today. California became the first state to make it law in 2019. Six other states followed. As of September 2020 the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Crown Act bill. If it passes in the Senate and the President approves it, it will become a federal law. We are so close! You can help end hair discrimination permanently by going to for information and resources on what to do.

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Until next time, be safe and well.
Dr. Ena

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