Hey, mom! Take back your mornings with Many Ethnicities for Kids

So let me bring you in on a secret. I am kind of a morning person.

I love getting going at the start of the day, and feeling like I am ahead of the game. Don’t get me wrong – I love sleep. However, if I can get going early, I am a happy camper.

Now full disclosure here: I get derailed. OK, I get derailed a lot. The dog gives me that I-need-a-walk look. Breakfast doesn’t make itself. Coffee – oh, my precious coffee – doesn’t brew on its own.

I get on a roll, moving from task to task like a machine, when I get going early.

But. Then. It. Happens.

The clock ticked while I wasn’t looking. Unexpectedly that glorious moment when everyone in my house with hair shows up in the kitchen looking like one of those fuzzy troll dolls is upon me. Everything that was being accomplished grinds to a halt.

Now for a bit more disclosure: Hair time easily was the least-favorite derailment of many mornings.

I share this because part of the motivation for creating the Many Ethnicities line of hair-care solutions was fueled by a focus on recapturing some time each morning. I wanted my minutes back. Even if only a few of them. Whatever I could get!

I know that I am not the only mom whose kids’ hair makes them come a bit unwound. I lived through some of these challenges as a child, with my mother. God bless her, she just didn’t know the first thing about how to deal with my hair. She was white. My dad was black. I was me.

So I am excited – in some small way – to help people who have children with multi-ethnic hair to hopefully have a little less hassle in their lives.


Created for Real Life

Here’s what real life looks like in my house, a fair amount of the time: On the days when our kiddos don’t crash my morning, I have to roust them from their beds and then try to get them fed and ready to walk out the door to school.

They reluctantly comply with (some of) my requests regarding clothing choices, and then it’s time to brush, comb and/or rake their hair.

Somewhere in there, you realize that a half-hour has passed and their hair isn’t cooperating.

Meanwhile, one of the kiddos is crying. Another has slinked away. The oldest one is looking at you, shoveling cereal into her mouth and shaking her head. You’re pretty sure that, as witness to this event, she has ruled out parenthood for herself.

Meanwhile, you are still in your pajamas, the dog is now whimpering for a walk, and that coffee still hasn’t brewed itself.

Help for Working Parents

As a physician and working mother, I know how precious morning prep time can be. I can’t get to work late and then explain to my patients the reason I am running behind schedule is because my daughter’s hair decided it wanted to be unruly that morning.

Having clean, healthy hair that is manageable always is the best way to start the day – no matter how young or old you might be. It makes you feel good, and the self-esteem that comes along with that is important.

The children’s hair cream we have formulated for Many Ethnicities is one of my best friends. It helps those curly locks and waves flow naturally by bringing the necessary moisture to the hair. Never greasy, always smooth, my new morning routine would be sunk without it.

When the clock is ticking down, and it’s finally time to focus on me, our adult hair cream formulation is my go-to solution. Now my mornings are better with ME hairline solutions. The kids and I are loving it and it helps save time!

Tell Me about You

Ahead of the rollout of Many Ethnicities, our team of formulation chemists and I are working to create additional products that help with other specific hair challenges that multi-ethnic people face.

Please know you’re not alone. I’ve lived through what you’re experiencing, and I want to make it easier for the people in your life that may be going through hair challenges we all face.

Know that there is someone out there who gets it. And, seriously, please share your hair frustrations with me through my blog or our Many Ethnicities social media pages. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I’d love to help in any way that I can.

See you next time!


Dr. Ena

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