Healthiest diet for healthy hair: supplements step aside

Healthiest diet for healthy hair: supplements step aside

Marketing in the beauty industry creates questions that often end up in my inbox – from patients and customers, alike. 

Here is one that I am getting a lot more of over the past few months (because it is Winter and the humidity is virtually nonexistent in much of the country): Do I need to take a hair vitamin? 

The answer is… probably not. 

OK, so here’s why: Vitamins are organic substances that our bodies need to develop and function normally that are not naturally made in our bodies. 

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We need to consume vitamins, and the best way to do that, the way our bodies will use them most efficiently, is if they come from the food we eat. 

Provided that your diet is healthy – with some unique exceptions and, of course, in certain medical conditions – vitamin supplements aren’t going to make your hair grow any faster or become stronger. 

There is a reason that Many Ethnicities does not offer a line of hair-focused supplements. We do not believe that the science or data is there to support the use of supplements for your hair.

If your diet is lacking, for example – if doughnuts are your breakfast staple, then you may need the extra supplements. But there is nothing in the hair-focused supplements that we have reviewed that suggest specific dietary or hair-health benefits.

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Supplements are a slippery slope. Too many can have unintended consequences. More is not better. 

Focus on moderation – balancing a healthy diet with supplements is perfectly reasonable and can improve your health. See your family practice physician to start that conversation, and speak to a nutritionist if you need more help or direction on dietary advice.

Which Vitamins does my body need? Let’s visit that in detail in my next blog post!


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Until next time, be safe and well.
Dr. Ena


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