The founder of Many Ethnicities

Many Ethnicities shampoos & conditioners are the world's first ultra-premium products that are specifically formulated to address the unique challenges multi-ethnic people face in caring for their hair.

Family Physician Dr. Ena Hennegan, founder and CEO of Three Daughters of the Doctor, LLC, never intended to create a company or to challenge the mass-market or specialty brands. However, long frustrated with the performance of what was available for her daughters and herself, Dr. Ena teamed with world-class cosmetic chemists to thoughtfully create better products.

“Like a lot of people, I lived with products that never felt like they were designed for my daughters or me – or they contained dyes, mineral oils and other harsh chemicals,” Dr. Ena said. “I wanted better for my family and friends. So we created better.”

Starting from scratch, and including the highest quality ingredients, Dr. Ena and her team intensively worked to improve their formulations, testing them at home on her three daughter’s individually unique hair types and, of course, on herself.

What Dr. Ena created after more than three years of development is a line of safe, gentle, and effective hair care solutions that proudly have been named Many Ethnicities to honor the natural beauty of a multi-ethnic world.

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