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CARY, ILLINOIS – We couldn't more proud to announce that Many Ethnicities – our humble project that was born from frustration, and created over the past three years with the help of our very special friends in the world of cosmetic chemistry, our incredible family and unbounded support from the public – will be launching very soon on Kickstarter.


If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it's THE place where start-ups launch. It's an incredible site where entrepreneurs interact with a community that helps to get new brands up and off the ground.

Our unique formulation and approach has landed us in the prestigious DESIGN category. We couldn't be more honored, or more excited. 

Many Ethnicities is a small brand that dedicated itself to creating a niche. We set out to address the specific challenges that multi-ethnic women, men and children face in caring for their oftentimes frustrating and unique hair.

The personal care world is literally the size of an ocean, and we're but a thimble on those waters.

But we believe in ourself and our products, which are engineered at formulary standards that far exceed anything in the mass market or in the specialty categories.

We couldn't be more proud of what we are doing, or more dedicated to our cause to deliver the first premium solutions to this beautiful little slice of the marketplace.

We'll let you know when our project is activated on Kickstarter. It'll be very soon, though.

Come along on the adventure. We're just getting going!

Love (science & understanding),

Dr. Ena | Ena Hennegan, D.O.
Founder & CEO

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