Dr. Ena, Many Ethnicities hair care lauded by NBC's The Today Show

Dr. Ena, Many Ethnicities hair care lauded by NBC's The Today Show

Thank you to the wonderful people at NBC's The Today Show for this thoughtful telling of Dr. Ena's story and the creation of Many Ethnicities.

Dr. Ena and the real three daughters of the doctors were featured in a profile that aired during the third hour of The Today Show this morning.

You can watch the clip by clicking this link. 

Many Ethnicities is a passion project that began with a simple quest to solve a real-world problem.

Dr. Ena wanted better, and more natural ingredients in her hair care products and better outcomes for herself and her three daughters. She created those products, and people love them.

But Many Ethnicities has become something more important.

Many Ethnicities has evolved to become a small but growing community of incredible people who shared her frustration.

It has become about solving problems for people with textured and curly hair all over the United States – and in countries across the world.

Here's to everyone who has contributed to the success that Many Ethnicities has become, to those who supported Ena's mission from the start and those who have come aboard over the past two years.

Thank you for your belief in Many Ethnicities' quest for better, and for your support and love!

- The ME Team

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