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DC on Heels raves up Many Ethnicities

DC on Heels raves up Many Ethnicities

Loved this perspective from DC on Heels blogger Emma Blancovich that published today. She wrote... 

"Dr. Ena Hennegan’s Many Ethnicities shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner products come in a set for women and kids. The products are made using all-natural ingredients such as hydrolyzed pea protein, which promotes hair cell growth and causes the hair to repair itself from within; marine algae, which helps to strengthen hair; and avocado oil, which is my favorite moisturizing ingredient of all time for my hair.

These products do not use any sulfates, which most generic shampoos use and dry your hair out. Not to mention, the kid’s products smells great, like sweet brown sugar. When I buy my new set, it will most definitely be the kid’s set because of its sweet smell. This product can also be used by men as my boyfriend says the kid’s leave-in conditioner works great on his straight hair by giving it a pulled wet styled look, and he stole mine.

The shampoo is light and watery, but leaves my hair so clean and bouncy, while the conditioner is thick and takes out about 75 percent of my tangles. The kid’s leave-in conditioner works like a light gel that smells like something I want to eat."

Read all of Emma's story right here

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