Conquer Your Curls: 7 Tips and Tricks for Your Best Hair Day

Conquer Your Curls: 7 Tips and Tricks for Your Best Hair Day

A Good Conditioner is Everything.

Curly hair, due to the uneven shape of the hair follicle, needs extra care and love. I know this all too well, given that each of my daughters has a different hair type and texture (I also struggle with taming my own curls, too). Here are some quick and easy tips, following my Health + Hydrate + Cleanse + Style + Fortify philosophy, to achieve your best hair day yet.


1) Pick the Right Shampoo.

Textured curls and waves, compared to straight hair, have a harder time retaining natural oils because of their coil shape. Choosing a shampoo that hydrates and cleanses, without stripping away vital oils, is key to maintaining healthy locks. 

Our Invigorating Shampoo is made with Acyl Lactylates, a rich foaming agent that is derived from sugar and most commonly used in the food industry. Pea protein – a protein almost identical to your hair’s natural keratin structure – is used for strength and protection, and generous amounts of argan and avocado oils provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to combat dryness and fluctuations in humidity.   


2) Avoid Brushing. 

Brushes, even good ones, pull the hair, contributing to breakage and hair loss. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb. Remember, curls are extremely delicate a wide-tooth comb provides gentle detangling and keeps your curls intact. 

Pro-tip: Always comb starting from your ends, working your way up to your roots. If you comb from your roots down, tiny knots are pushed lower and lower, creating a tangled mess. 


3) Speaking of Detangling…

Sectioning your hair while conditioning makes it easier to avoid tangles. Grab some clips and divide your hair into sections (I recommend three or four, but create more depending on how dense your curls are). 

After shampooing, twist and clip all of the sections except for one, condition, and repeat until each section has been conditioned, gently squeezing as you go so the product reaches the entirety of your curls. Thoroughly rinse each section. (Although this process is a bit more time-consuming, the final result is worth it. I promise.) Use our Leave-in Conditioning Cream for an extra boost of hydration.

Pro-tip: While our Moisturizing Conditioner is soaking in during your shower, spread your fingers apart and run them through your hair, gently detangling your curls so you have less work to do after you get out. 


4) Cue the Conditioner.

Conditioning your curls is the most important thing you can do. Because the shape of the hair fiber is uneven, cuticles are more exposed in some areas, making your hair more vulnerable to damage and dehydration. Without sufficient hydration, curls become frizzy and lack definition. 

Our curl-loving Leave-In Conditioning Cream is hydrating and rich, decreasing tangles and keeping your curls in shape. 



5) Watch How Often You Wash.

Curly hair, as I’ve mentioned, is delicate and prone to dryness. Washing your hair too often strips curls of the natural oils they need to thrive, resulting in frizz. Your curl type will determine how often you wash (find out your type here).

Seasons, climate, and how much you exercise/sweat can also contribute to how frequently you should shampoo your hair: In the summer, shampoo more than you would in the winter (dry climates = dry hair, putting you at higher risk for breakage).

 Pro-tip: To prevent brittle hair, I recommend co-washing often with our Moisturizing Conditioner.


6) Quick and Easy: Condition the Ends.

When you are experiencing extra dryness, it’s best to use a conditioning treatment on just the ends. This way, you’ll achieve a voluminous, weightless look without feeling dragged down by too much product. Our Leave-In Conditioning Cream is the perfect fix for this. Lightweight and natural, it provides your curls with the nutrients and hydration they need to live their best life. 

Pro-tip: Warm the conditioner between your hands to activate the decadent shea butter. This helps your hair better absorb product.


7) Sleep on Satin.

Invest in a satin pillowcase. Not only will you feel fancy, but your hair will love you. Regular cotton pillowcases can contribute to added frizz and tangles (because the fabric is rougher). Satin provides your hair with a smooth sleep experience, eliminating frizz and giving your curls the beauty rest they crave. 

 We love this affordable pack from Amazon. 


I know curls can be hard to deal with at times, but just remember that we’re all in this together. I recall wishing I had straight hair when I was a little girl, but now I wear my hair like a crown. Our curls are fabulous and unique, just like us! Let’s flaunt them. 

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With love,
Dr. Ena, Founder and CEO

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