5 Tips for working out with your curls

5 Tips for working out with your curls

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So many of us with naturally curly hair avoid working out because we are afraid of the effect that sweat will have on our hair. A few years ago, a well-known study done by an African American dermatologist showed that 2 out of 5 - almost half – of black women avoid exercise, directly due to the perceived effect on their hair. No more! You do not need to wash your hair every time you work out. It is not hard to exercise and keep your hair moisturized and looking great in between wash days, whether you exercise in a gym, outside, or in your basement.


1. Pre - workout prep

    Prep your hair just prior to workouts. Naturally curly hair is already dry and has enough moisture challenges, and sweating only makes that worse, as your body exudes not just water but salt too- a double whammy of dry. Moisturize and protect your hair before you work out, with our freedom curl refreshing spray and small to moderate amount of a good moisturizer like our leave-in conditioning cream especially at the ends. Refresh after workouts with the same routine again if your hair is particularly dry.


    2. Protective style

      Put your hair in a protective style! The easiest is a high poof or pineapple, my go–to gym style. So many options here in addition to that: bun, low ponytails, double buns, braids, twists.


      3. Protect your edges

        Add extra moisture here pre-workout, and use a soft, moisture-wicking headband to pull sweat away from this most vulnerable area that tends to get wettest during workouts.


        4. Detoxify your scalp and refresh your roots in - between wash days

          Balance pH, detoxify and relieve product and environmentally caused scalp buildup with natural scalp rinses, applied to scalp as needed:

          • Dilute apple cider vinegar – 5 parts water to 1 part all-natural pure apple cider vinegar, and a few drops of tea tree oil
          • Witch hazel, alcohol-free version, diluted with water
          • Add to a small dropper bottle, and apply directly to your scalp. But first,
          • Always do a ‘patch test’ on another small part of your skin before you put anything on your scalp, to make sure you will not have any problem with the mixture.



          5. Plan your hardest workouts around wash day

            Save your hardest, sweatiest workouts for wash day.

            So, get moving, following the simple rules above, and feel confident that your hair will look great. And of course, drink lots of water, 70 oz at least on workout days.

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            Be well and stay safe,

            Dr Ena

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