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Many Ethnicities: Your textured curl specialist!

When Dr. Ena became frustrated with an industry that wouldn't make honestly great products with natural ingredients to address the challenges that people face in caring for their hair curly, textured hair, she did something radical: She created solutions for all of us.


Many Ethnicities was created by Dr. Ena Hennegan, a 2018 Today Show Style Hero – formulated with world-class chemists.

Years of frustration led me to create Many Ethnicities, designed specifically to address all of the unique challenges that come with caring for multi-textured hair.
Our difference: We know natural! Keratin via Pea Protein, Sulfate-Free, Color-Safe Lactylate Surfactants, Argan, Avocado, Jojoba, Moringa and Sweet Almond oils, Vitamin-B5, Sea Algae and Shea Butter.