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    NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR MULTI-TEXTURED & MULTICULTURAL CURLY HAIR. When Dr. Ena Hennegan decided to do the big chop, that’s all she wanted. But after years of searching for products without harsh chemicals, she was convinced it would be simpler to create her own. Utilizing her background in biology and chemistry, she created Many Ethnicities: A plant-based line of premium hair care products that utilizes natural ingredients to simplify curl care and provide incredible, beautiful results.

  • Many Ethnicities was created by Dr. Ena Hennegan

    Dr. Ena was exasperated by hair products that promised results and did not deliver, or – worse – contained harsh additives to provide some promised magical result. From that frustration, she became determined to create better products and a simpler way to beautifully care for all hair textures and curls – with natural ingredients.

  • Our difference: Smart, innovative, natural ingredients and a simple regimen!

    Always Sulfate-Free and Color-Safe, gentle Lactylate cleansing power, Pea Protein, Argan, Avocado, Jojoba, Moringa and Sweet Almond oils, Vitamin-B5, Sea Algae and Shea Butter (just to name a few).

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